Ah, the lazy days at the end of the year. Gothamist is beginning to recover from our annual overindulgence in sugar-based foods. The weather is not as sweet as sugar but you will get no complaints from us. Temperatures are running well above normal. Highs through Friday will hover around 50. Rain will be our off and on friend for the next couple of days. Tomorrow would be an especially good day for inside activities as the rain may be intense in the afternoon. Hmm, seems like a good time for Gothamist to finally check out Darwin.

If you're coming into town for New Year's Eve, it looks like rain will return on Saturday afternoon and into the night. The midnight temperature will be around 40 degrees. The weather will be the same for us New Yorkers who won't be anywhere near Times Square on Saturday.

Sunset over Governor's Island photo by the real janelle (via Flickr)