Having brushed aside its asbestos scare, Madison Square Garden is back at full strength, serving as host to a series of awesome concerts and not-quite-as-awesome Knicks and Rangers games. But the 42-year-old building is due for an upgrade; it hasn't had a proper makeover since before the Democratic National Convention in 1991, when Patrick Ewing was stalking its halls. And the latest makeover includes some new additions to the cultural complex: two spectator's bridges at the top of the building.

MSG will be undergoing a four-year, $775 million makeover, due to be completed by 2013. The spectator's bridges will run more than 200 feet across the length of the Garden on its north and south ends, 65 feet above the playing surfaces; it will give fans a chance to see sports games from a bird's-eye view, and will be open to any ticketholders (it's unclear whether it will be open for concerts or other events). Judging by the artist's rendering (above), it will include lots of digital doo-dahs, including zipper-styled video screens flashing scores and stats, flat-screen televisions, tables and chairs and even concession stands.

The News talked to several fans who were pumped about the newest addition: . "I can't think of another arena doing that. It'd give you a whole new perspective to a hockey or basketball game. I would do it once just to say I did it," said Rick Conrad. We can't help but see all the potential lawsuits for the Lionel Hutz's out there.