People on the subway; Photo - sorabji.comThe MTA and the People (as represented by the Straphangers and the Automobile club) go back to court to debate whether or not fare increases should be rolled back. The big issues are how the MTA deliberately misled everyone to believe that they were in financial dire straits and that the MTA is providing a costly service that probably will need some sort of fare and toll increases some point soon. More coverage from NY1.

The Daily News says the MTA has lawyers who have an hourly of $400, which is apparently already discounted. As one would expect, the Straphangers' lawyers are volunteers.

In another MTA lawsuit, a South African tourist whose finger was severed by a conductor closing her window is suing the MTA for $10 million.

Gothamist on Subway Fare Limbo, the crazy MTA Chairman, and State Comptroller Hevesi's belief the MTA can weather a rollback.