The family of Danroy Henry, the 20-year-old Pace University student who was shot and killed by police after allegedly almost running an officer down Sunday morning, has hired a prominent civil rights attorney to probe into their son's death. "I can tell you that, in New York, it is not normal practice to be drawing a weapon and shooting a vehicle that's moving," lawyer Michael Sussman told LoHud. And witnesses have told him that Henry allegedly was handcuffed and left on the road for up to 15 minutes without medical attention while medical teams treated a less seriously injured officer at the scene.

“I have absolutely been told that, [and if it's true] then it’s reprehensible...I’m trying to get to the bottom of what in the world happened,” he told reporters yesterday. Sussman added that it was too early to say whether the family would file a lawsuit against police. According to Mount Pleasant police, a Pleasantville cop knocked on Henry's window outside a "rowdy" scene at a shopping center, but Henry accelerated, with the cop on his hood, so the other cop fired; another police officer also fired when Henry drove towards him. According to witnesses, Henry had been told he had to move because he was blocking a fire lane.

In a statement today, the family said: “The images and reports of our beloved son being handcuffed and left without medical attention for several minutes after he was shot are too much for us to bear right now, yet they represent part of the real truth from that evening...While we had been assured of an objective investigation, we are deeply troubled by the various and conflicting accounts reported of the incident that lead to our son’s tragic passing.”