Among the many horror stories to come out of last week's blizzard was the report that hundreds of commuters were trapped on an A train for well over six hours in the midst of the chaos. Now, a Manhattan lawyer wants to get in on the stalled-train litigation action: "No one's trying to get rich off this...This is to hold the MTA accountable for what happened. We're really trying to get the MTA's attention for the average New Yorker," lawyer Aymen Aboushi told the News.

Aboushi has set up a website for disgruntled passengers to contact him; he said that he will meet with seven riders from the storm this week, and hopes to sign on more of the 500 straphangers soon. Despite not having met the passengers yet, he said he plans to serve a notice of claim with the city as early as the end of this week. But that's just because he's already dipped his toes in the water and likes what he found: "The response I'm getting from people is they're thoroughly frustrated with what happened and how the MTA dropped the ball...The MTA didn't offer these people so much as a MetroCard." Are you kidding? Those things cost $104 now!