A lawyer for one of the four women accused of scamming wealthy clients out of nearly $200,000 has chalked the charges up to a simple case of "buyers remorse."

Helen Wu, a lawyer for stripper Marsi Rosen, told The Post, "We're denying the charges and fighting this all the way. We believe the clients have buyer's remorse." The four women appeared in Manhattan Supreme Court on Monday.

Marsi Rosen, Roselyn Keo, Karina Pasucci and Samantha Barbash are accused of drugging doctors, bankers, and real estate agents, and using their stolen credit cards to charge hefty sums. The four women allegedly used ketamine and cocaine to dull their victims' senses before transporting them to Scores in Manhattan and Roadhouse in Flushing, Queens. Once there they used the men's credit cards to pay for lap dances, champagne, and large tips.

Dr. Zyad Younan, a cardiologist who was partying with the women, had more than $43,000 charged on his credit card at Scores last November. A few days later Dr. Younan went out with them again, and ended up with another $52,000 on his card. And there was a third meeting too, in which the women allegedly left him with $40,000 in charges. A source at Scores told the Daily News that Dr. Younan was "insatiable."

The four women now face various charges including assault, grand larceny, and conspiracy.