2006_03_colliton.jpgHoly white shoe: A tax attorney at Cravath, Swain and Moore is on the run from police who want him in New York to face various charges of paying a mother to have sex with her young teen daughters. James Colliton was caught at Niagara Falls, and the Ontario police were holding him - but somehow, he was released, much to the DA's office's dismay. The girls' mother is being held on $100,000 for promoting prostitution, and it's just heartbreaking to hear that she would make her daughters return to Colliton for sex. One daughter was 15 when her Colliton paid for her, and her sister was 13 when Colliton set his eyes on her last year.

Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau sad, "We've had a lot of wild cases, but this is one of the wildest," and reading the DA's press release, it's upsetting. And apparently Colliton had a "harem" of underage girls who would spend time at his studio apartment at 133 East 56th Street (his wife and kids lived in Poughkeepsie). Cravath says that Colliton no longer works there, but no matter, the Daily News looks at the firm's storied history.