Yesterday found State Senator Hiram Monserrate not guilty of felony assault charges but guilty of a misdemeanor—"recklessly causing physical injury" to his girlfriend Karla Giraldo during a December incident where Monserrate slashed her in the face with a broken glass. Today, Monserrate's lawyer Joseph Tacopina said on Good Day New York, "She loves him, as she testified in court. As he said yesterday, he loves her...And they're looking to get back together and resume their marriage...uh, relationship." To which GDNY anchor Rosanna Scotto said, "Will they get married?" and Tacopina replied, "Maybe I said marriage, maybe I let the cat out of the bag, but that's where it's heading."

While Tacopina had described Monserrate as "vindicated," the freshman senator said yesterday, "First and foremost, I want to mention that a terrible accident occurred to my girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, a person that I love, and I forever will live with that," adding, "There are no winners here today."

Some of his colleagues aren't very happy with him—one unnamed Democratic Senator told the Daily News, "I was praying that [expletive deleted] would get convicted and he would be gone"—and today Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) issued a statement saying Monserrate "should resign immediately based on the seriousness of his violent crime." And, referring to momentum to expel Monserrate, Democratic strategist said to the Post, "I can see the brochure now: 'Your Democratic senator voted to keep in office a man found guilty of assault after he was accused of slashing a woman.'"

A few of Monserrate's constituents were also taken aback by the verdict. One woman said, "How do you accidentally smack her with a bottle? I think he did it and she’s afraid. He should be in jail," while a man who previously voted for Monserrate but won't do so again told the NY Times, "He’s a lucky man. Any normal person would be locked up for years. Domestic violence. Guaranteed. You don’t hit a woman. You love a woman."

Monserrate could face up to a year of jail time when he's sentenced on December 4.