2006_11_perezolivocover.jpgThe Westchester man who was shot, along with his wife who later died from her injuries, on Saturday, flipped out when a reporter asked him if he killed his wife. Carlos Perez-Olivo, a recently disbarred lawyer, told police that a car forced him off Saw Mill River Road and that a man shot him in the stomach and his wife in the head. While police are looking for the gunman, Perez-Olivo himself has also been questioned.

When he was leaving the New Castle police station for a second day of questioning, Fox 5 reporter Charles Leaf asked, "Carlos, did you kill your wife?" Hello, Fox chutzpah! As if anyone would admit that on TV. Perez-Olivo yelled, "Son of a bitch" and then attempted to swing at reporters, until a detective restrained him. You can see Fox 5's coverage here.