The defense team for the Brooklyn man accused of kidnapping and brutally dismembering a little boy is trying to get his confession thrown out. City Room reports that lawyer Howard Greenberg said of Levi Aron, "[Cops] told him what to say, and consequently it’s not his statement. My opinion is you can get this guy to admit he shot Kennedy if you spend a little bit of time with him... This is a very simple case. He’s either evil or he’s crazy. He’s obviously crazy."

Leiby Kletzky went missing this past summer when he never returned home from school (he was walking home for the first time). Some of the boy's remains were found in a dumpster and the other parts were found in Aron's refrigerator. The killing sparked concerns and fears in the Orthodox community.

Greenberg is an experienced defense attorney, which should please Supreme Court Justice Neil Firetog who had previously criticized Aron's other attorneys, Jennifer McCann and Pierre Bazile for their amateurish work, like allowing Aron to be interviewed by the Daily News. Greenberg told reporters after the hearing, "We intend to prove that Levi Aron is not responsible by reason of insanity. And anyone who thirsts for Levi Aron’s blood can take solace in the fact that he will spend the rest of his life, never see the light of day, in an asylum."

Aron was shown from Rikers Island via a video link and he appeared "motionless" and "catatonic."