Last week, a Connecticut man fatally shot a masked intruder holding a knife who turned out to be his 15-year-old son. A lawyer for Jeffrey Giuliano, who fired multiple times at son Tyler, said the incident had "broken [the family] in half."

The lawyer, Gene Zingaro, also told the News Times, "I believe that is going to be deemed and certified a justifiable shooting. The fact (my client) wasn't charged on the scene, the fact that he hasn't been charge yet, certainly illuminates that fact." Zingaro added, "It should not be termed an accidental shooting."

Giuliano's sister, who lives next to him, called him early Thursday morning about a possible burglar in her yard (earlier in the week, another house was burglarized). He took his gun and went outside to inspect the yard and ran into a person in a ski mask, wearing all black. According to police, the man in black approached Giuliano in a "threatening manner" and Giuliano, worried about being attacked, fired. Police found Giuliano on his driveway and the body of the man in black, still masked and holding a knife. The authorities later told Giuliano that he killed his son.

Giuliano, a popular fifth grade teacher, had adopted Tyler in 2008, when the boy's grandmother wasn't able to care for him anymore. His biological mother, Tammy Binnette, spoke to the Post over the weekend and admitted her troubles with drug addiction. She called Giuliano "good people" but added, “Something has to be done about this... I know he loved my son, but he still killed him. He fired [multiple] shots. He didn’t give him a chance. He needs to go to jail."

The state police said, "It's going to take several weeks for us to finish. There's no timetable on that. We'll do it as quickly and efficiently as possible."