2008_12_sheehdef.jpgEarlier this year, a woman confessed to shooting her retired cop husband in their Howard Beach home. Barbara Sheehan later claimed self-defense, saying Raymond Sheehan had abused her (neighbors and relatives say she had been abused; a neighbor even clapped for her when she was apprehended). Now her defense lawyer makes some much more detailed and dramatic accusations.

Lawyer Michael Dowd said Sheehan allegedly cross-dressed in "skimpy outfits"—like this "Hottie Police" outfit (pictured)—and would seek "the comfort of transvestites," which would then make him "extremely violent." Dowd explained, "They seemed to increase and send him into a rage and the obvious evidence indicates that here was a person engaged in self-loathing, remorse and Irish Catholic sense of guilt. There's no question his violence preceded any of his out of the mainstream sexual activities, but it seems these activities exacerbated to some degree what was already going on."

Dowd says the prosecutors have not turned over Raymond Sheehan's hard drive, which he says contains emails between the retired sergeant and "transvestites consorts." (Prosecutors say the hard drive turned up "gibberish.") The lawyer added, "We're not seeking this to defame him. I could care less about his sexual preferences. What we do care about is if you're doing this and coming back in a rage and taking it out on my client. Then it becomes material. We want that evidence."