A lawyer for the man arrested for the murder of an East Village bouncer claims that his client Louis Rodriguez is innocent. Rodriguez is accused of shooting Pagan in the face outside the bar Forbidden City after allegedly hitting someone standing on the sidewalk with a van. The Daily News spoke to lawyer Paul Brenner, who said, "An off-duty cop was present. He said Mr. Rodriguez was definitely not involved...My client wasn't there" While Brenner doesn't know the cop's name, he asked the Manhattan's DA office about him. A rep from the DA's office told the News, "We will, of course, investigate all information that comes to our attention, but for now, the charges speak for themselves." A memorial for Pagan has been growing outside Forbidden City and his mother told WCBS 2 that when she found out he was killed, "From there, my heart, my heart, I don't know what happened. From there, I got a pain here, and I - am beat."