2008_09_herpes.jpgFrederick Tanne has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife, her lover and her father, claiming that she passed along to him herpes that she contracted during an affair. Tanne, a big shot financial lawyer says that Robert Stocker, an accountant his wife Amy was having an affair with, knowingly gave her the virus. He then claims that her father, a doctor, covered it up and secretly prescribed her herpes-treatment medication. Amy Tanne's father denies that his daughter ever had herpes, claiming the medication was for a cold sore, adding that, "She never had a cold sore until she married him." Tanne accuses his wife of having numerous affairs until this final one with Stocker prompted him to file for divorce and and move out of their Mount Kisco home and into a Park Avenue apartment in May. He then discovered he had contracted the disease one month ago. Tanne is seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.