2007_03_lidlecrash.jpgAlmost five months after Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle's private plane crashed into an Upper East Side apartment building, a couple is suing Lidle's widow and estate for $7 million. Larry Rosenthal, a dentist, and his wife, whose apartment was damaged, claim that Lidle was "reckless, careless and negligent." The Rosenthals' lawyer said, "If you're not an experienced pilot, you don't belong on the East River with skyscrapers on either side."

The Daily News reports that the Rosenthals weren't even home at the time, though their baby-sister and the baby-sitter's child was there; the lawyer says they are still homeless. Rosenthal's patients include Donald Trump and Bruce Springsteen. However, one patient, Rules author Ellen Fein, has created a few website blasting his work - check out baddentist.com and lyingdentist.com. Last fall, a lawyer for Ilane Benhuri, the woman who was badly burned when the plane crashed into her apartment, said she would be suing Lidle's estate and the FAA.

This lawsuit comes as Lidle's widow Melanie is suing Cirrus, the maker of Lidle's plane. It still hasn't been determined whether Lidle or his flight instructor was flying the plane at the time of the crash; if Lidle wasn't flying the plane, a $1 million insurance policy can be paid out to the Lidle estate.