Working at an Upper East Side toy store was a sadomasochistic nightmare, or at least that is what a former employee at Third Avenue's Fantastic Kids Toys claims in a lawsuit. According to 26-year-old Amanda Reyes her boss forced her "to engage in an ongoing sexual relationship" that included "increasing acts of 'rough' sexual activities, including hitting, slapping and biting," in exchange for her job and rent.

Reyes claims that she was fired by her boss, Steven Reis, after she tried to break off their arrangement (she'd started dating a cop). According to Reyes she first met Reis when she began working at his shop for $10 an hour in December 2010. In March 2012 she was promoted to store manager, "around the time their master-slave relationship began." Her attorney Walker Harman said the two played sex games that included "role-playing and simulations of sorts." In addition the News reports the lawyer added, "It would take place at her apartment. As part of her compensation, he was paying her rent among other expenses."

At the end of August Reyes, a single mother, tried to break off what her lawyer calls a " manipulative master-servant type of relationship," and promptly lost her $60,000-per-year job. "She was a single mother, trying to take care of a young child and she felt totally and completely manipulated and taken advantage of," her lawyer said.

On Christmas Eve her married ex-boss Reis declined to comment on the case beyond calling it "false."