Crying poor environmental review seems to be the hot way to try and stop Brooklyn developments of late. Just as Develop Don't Destory Brooklyn is attempting to slow the Atlantic Yards project because of misrepresentations in its enviromental impact statement another group of Brooklynites is using a similar tactic to try and halt the massive development planned for the old Domino Sugar refinery (which got City Council approval back in June after much community opposition).

The gist of the suit, from a group calling itself the Williamsburg Community Preservation Coalition, against the "New Domino" is that the massive $1.5 billion project set to start work any minute now failed to conduct a proper review for the City Council on the impact that such a massive influx of people and traffic would have on the area and its transportation infrastructure. "The community thinks it is oversized and inappropriate for the area," the organization's attorney told The Real Deal.

Other issues of concern for the group include the fact that though the developers initially were promising that 30% of the 2,200 apartments that would be created by the project would be affordable, the final approval only put the required level at 20%. Anyway, while we wait for it all to get sorted out we'll just reminisce about the time we got to tour the site.