2008_12_kushob.jpgIf there's a Kushner, there's a controversy! The former head of the financing arm of real estate developer Kushner Companies is suing his former employer and claims money from commission of the purchase of 666 Fifth Avenue (for $1.8 billion) actually went to keep the Observer, owned by Charles Kushner's son Jared, afloat. Swill also claims that other money was put into trusts for Kushner's kids and to pay off family loans--and that some money also went to Mark O'Donnell, aka boyfriend of former Governor Jim McGreevey and a Kushner employee. The Kushners' spokesman denied the accusations, calling Swill a "disgruntled employee." Well, this is interesting, but not as good at when Charles Kushner hired prostitutes to seduce his sister's husband and his accountants so he could blackmail them, but only his brother-in-law took the bait.