Lower East Side restaurant and bar White Slab Palace "had a duty to provide ... an environment free from falling objects," according to a lawsuit filed in state Supreme Court. But the restaurant allegedly failed in the modest task that was its charge, and now 32-year-old Raina Kumra suffers from "chronic neck pain, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness and other serious and severe personal injuries," including "embarrassment." All this pain and humiliation could have been avoided had White Slab Palace just made sure that their giant 150-pound moose head was securely fastened to the wall.

Kumra suffered a concussion on Oct. 4th when the moose head fell on her during a party in the back room, and she still has dizzy spells, not to mention anxiety from "mounting" (ha) medical expenses. Plus who knows when the next piece of giant taxidermy is going to fall from the sky and really mess her up? Her lawsuit seeks an undisclosed sum, and has other restaurateurs scrambling to secure their taxidermy. William Tigertt at Freemans tweets, "We are checking all our animals now by hanging [sic] the food runners swing on them."

Oh, and the Daily News has already heard from one taxidermy nerd who insists Kumra was not hit by a moose—he insists it's a caribou head, but "Lawsuit Over Caribou-boo" doesn't have quite the same zing, does it?