A Muslim family is suing the MTA after a bus driver allegedly called their 10-year-old boy a "terrorist" after he recited a prayer while attempting to board a B36 bus in Sheepshead Bay.

According to the Daily News, the lawsuit claims that the boy was boarding the bus and searching for his MetroCard, reciting the phrase, "I stand in the name of God the most merciful, the most beneficent," which certainly sounds more nefarious than "Something's lost and can't be found, good St. Anthony look around."

At that, the driver allegedly called the boy a "terrorist," and shut the door in his face. The family's complaint states that the boy, who is now 12, refused to take public transportation after the incident.

The boy's family reported the incident to the MTA, and after the agency's inaction, filed the suit. The agency declined our request for comment.

The idea that practicing Islam alone is a sign of criminality has been enthusiastically adopted by the NYPD and continues to be justified by lawyers for the City.