It turns out that David Brooks, the DHB military contractor who was just convicted of ripping off $190 million from his company for personal expenses, likes his insider trading and securities fraud with a side dish of sexual harassment. Brooks was hit with a horndog lawsuit from a former female employee who says that, among other things, he would ask her to "collect his semen." Charm must go hand-in-hand with defective bullet proof vests!

Jessica Poolt alleges in her suit that Brooks hounded her during the two weeks she was employed for his Bulletproof Enterprises horse stable in 2009. He would cajole her into after-hours meetings at his apartment where he "had large pictures of various naked women," and where he'd probe her about her sex life. "You should wear short skirts with no underwear to work, not because I tell you to, but because I want you to," he allegedly told her. One time, he made a crude comment about her involving a highlighter, then complained about how much his vet was charging for semen collection from one of his horses: "I bet you would collect my semen for much less money. How much would you do it for?"

Brooks was the CEO of DHB Industries, a maker of bullet proof body armor worn by the U.S. military and the NYPD. He spent his ill-gotten gains wantonly, on everything from pornographic videos for his son to plastic surgery for his wife, from a burial plot for his mother to prostitutes for his employees, and, for himself, a six-figured American-flag belt buckle encrusted with rubies, sapphires and diamonds. A lawyer for Brooks, who Vanity Fair called "a villain perfectly suited for the modern media era’s court of public opinion" and faces up to 25 years in prison at sentencing next month, says the lawsuit is "frivolous" and claims Poolt only worked for Brooks for two weeks.