A Queens woman is suing her bosses at a SoHo design and branding firm after she found herself CC'd on emails mocking her because of her ADHD, according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by the New York Post.

Adrienne Thiery claims that two of her bosses at branding firm Slover and Company, founder Susan Slover and managing partner Rosemary Kuropat, included her on emails where they discussed her ADHD, which they had learned about from another employee, in less than glowing terms. A June email that Thierry included in her suit shows Kuropat writing to Slover that "THE CHICK IS HOPELESS" while referring to Thiery, while in another Slover wrote Thiery's disorder "cannot be our problem." This came after Thiery had been an employee of the company for about a year and just a month after she'd received a $12,000 bonus.

Thiery also alleges that her bosses told her that she should have revealed her ADHD originally and that they wouldn't hire her if they'd known, and that one told her "Now that I know you have ADHD, we’re firing you." Kuropat told the Post that Thiery's claims were "baseless" and that she was fired for performance. And in the mean time, everyone learned a valuable lesson to never email anything.