It seems nothing, not even a Great Dane, is sacred compared to the value of New York real estate. Architect Barbara McGill is suing Douglas Elliman brokers Stefani Pace and Avraham Lasri, claiming they stole her belongings and her beloved Great Dane, Willow, when identity theft kept her from paying her rent on time. McGill told the Post, "I am far from perfect, but you know what? I have never, ever, done something this bad to anybody...They terrorized me."

McGill signed a lease at 19 East 65th Street at the beginning of June, but a few days later found that checks for rent and security had bounced. She discovered she had become a victim of identity theft, which nearly wiped her of funds. And though she gave Pace a letter from her bank as to why her account had been frozen, she claimed the brokers were wildly impatient to get the money. Pace allegedly called McGill's boss and said she was dong "fraudulent acts," and on June 28th she came home to discover her locks had been changed and all her possessions, including Willow, had been taken. She tracked Willow down at the ASPCA, but didn't get her stuff back until last week.

Lasri claims McGill faked identity theft to get out of paying rent, saying, "She's playing the victim, but if you see who she really is, she's not really a victim." But lies or not, giving someone's dog to the ASPCA is a little much. That should only be resorted to when a Park Avenue penthouse is at stake.