An osteopath with a family practice on Long Beach is being hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit by three former employees who accuse the alleged shock doc of a litany of perverse transgressions. Yesterday the three women held a press conference to elaborate on the accusations; they say Dr. Edward Kleiner sexted them, groped them, offered weight-loss tips, exposed his penis, and once brought an inflatable sex doll to the office—a gag that never gets old (if you're a 15-year-old boy). Kleiner also allegedly accepted marijuana as a form of payment and authorized his administrative staff to write pre-signed narcotics prescriptions for patients while he was away on vacation. But perhaps the creepiest accusation involves an insemination incident.

According to the lawsuit [pdf], in October the unmarried osteopath instructed a married couple to have sex in the office bathroom to produce sperm for an artificial-insemination procedure on the wife. "We heard constant banging against the wall," says Samantha Romanger, a 21-year-old administrative assistant. Then Kleiner allegedly told Romanger and another administrative assistant, 21-year-old Lauren Schlanger, to join him in the exam room and witness the artificial insemination. Since neither women have medical training they refused. But guess what—Kleiner isn't a certified fertility specialist, either! (Hi, everybody!)

"I refused. I said, 'I don't like this, and I don't think its legal,' " Romanger told reporters yesterday. "He said, 'One of you are coming in the room, end of story.' I felt violated. I don't want to hear anyone having sex. And we're the ones who have to clean the office." The two women, along with office manager Shivon Super, 31, were fired not long after, and now they've filed complaints with the New York State Division of Human Rights. Super says Romanger repeatedly grabbed her butt and sent her lewd text messages; she tells CBS 2, "We stayed as long as we could, until it got unbearable. He told me that it’s probably atrophy from lack of sex, and that he would give me the best orgasm of my life."