Ooh: Apparently a relative of Police Commissioner Ray Kelly wants to sue the city over the NYPD's aggressive behavior! The Daily News says that Arthur Heller, who is the son of Kelly's first cousin, tried to swipe his Metrocard at the 43rd Street and Eighth Avenue subway entrance, but was having problems (Metrotardation?), so he kept swiping. Which then aroused police suspicions - which makes Gothamist concerned about the middle-aged lady this morning who hogged the turnstile for way too long (where were you NYPD?). Anyway, the NYPD allegedly "tried to take [Heller's] subway card, tackled and punched him prior to identifying themselves as police officers." Heller did tell the cops he was related to Kelly, but the police didn't seem to pay attention to that. So now Heller's lawsuit is with the Civilian Complaint Review Board. This begs two questions: Are the police too harsh and what do you do for your first cousin's kid?

Check out the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board - we hope you won't have to use it, but you never know.