And for your embarrassing sexual harassment lawsuit of the day we turn to Farmingdale, Long Island, where the 24-year-old former Comptroller of Empire Digital Products has sued the the company's President, claiming, among other things, that the 33-year-old father of one would strip off his shirt to display his "flabby" torso while asking, "Who wouldn't want to date this?"

According to a suit recently filed by former employee Christina Iannitelli, when she worked for Empire the allegedly "flabby" chested president of the copier company, Scott Brodsky, gave her "gifts and raises—then demanded sex from her in exchange." So now, of course, she is suing him and the company. Or, in the words of her lawyer, "standing up to a bully."

According to Brodsky the suit is less about his moobs and more about extorting money ("It is a shame there are people like this in the world," he told the Daily Mail). And who knows, maybe he is right and the alleged booty shaking and hair sniffing—did we mention Iannitelli says Brodsky liked to sniff her hair?—was just a different kind of motivational approach. After all, according to his profile on the company homepage:

Scott is a very unconventional business man to the delight of those who have worked with and for him. He is not known for his stern face and cut throat mentality rather for his out of the box humor and welcoming personality. He is always thinking of ways to improve the company. He is not satisfied with mediocrity and will make it a point of being the best every step of the way.

What a guy! For more, Gothamist has obtained exclusive video of some of Scott's patented "out of the box humor" keeping the office in stiches: