Mayor de Blasio's been hard at work this week trying to convince the Democratic National Committee to hold the 2016 convention in "hip" "cool" artisanal cocktail-soaked Brooklyn. But it appears that in his eagerness to flood the city with thousands of useless Congresspeople and staffers, he has begun to breaking city rules, going so far as to enter the subway system WITHOUT SWIPING HIS METROCARD. Typical Scofflaw de Blasio.

The Wall Street Journal dedicated 628 words to de Blasio's dereliction, noting that the mayor breezed through the MTA's emergency subway gates not once, but twice yesterday. The subway ride was an attempt to show the DNC how easy it is to get from Manhattan to Brooklyn (a journey many of my friends in the East Village have yet to master), but apparently de Blasio neglected to showcase the delicate art of the MetroCard swipe.

MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg told the WSJ that the agency doesn't usually grant city officials complimentary rides, but Ol' Freeloadin' McDadjeans was awarded an unrequested exception due to some silly "security concerns and crowd control." A spokesman for the mayor's office claimed that the mayor "pays for his subway rides," but we anxiously await tomorrow's Wall Street Journal editorial demanding his resignation.

Vagrancy aside, yesterday de Blasio addressed a number of logistical "challenges" [see: TRAFFIC] the city would face, should the DNC land in Brooklyn in two years. But the mayor noted that gridlocking the Manhattan Bridge is nothing compared to the DNC's financial windfall; in 2012, a report noted that Charlotte, NC racked up $91 million directly after hosting the convention, in addition to a cool $72.6 million thanks to residual and estimated spending. Hopefully that will be enough to settle all the multi-million dollar lawsuits inevitably filed by protesters against the NYPD.

Today, the Democratic Party scouts departed for competing city Philadelphia, where upstanding mayor Michael Nutter would never deign to cop a free cheesesteak in the name of "security." Guess we'll just have to cede the DNC to them!