It's hard enough to motivate to go to the gym, nevermind trying to scam a free workout every time you need to feel the burn. 24-year-old Columbia Law student Julia Neyman (pictured) has dedicated herself to scoring a full year of free workouts, however—and of course, she's blogging about it.

The thriftster has sweet-talked her way into gyms and yoga studios throughout the five boroughs, without having to pay a dime. She tells the Daily News, "All want my nonexistent money, and they're willing to lure me with the offer of a free session, or sometimes even a free week." She credits her mostly successful endeavours to "desperation, and the willingness to travel all over the five boroughs to make sure my workout is gratis."

She has 11 more months before reaching her year-long goal, and has already hit a few snags when Equinox called her out on her shenanigans, and David Barton Gym in Chelsea didn't fall for her flirting tactics (because, she realized, it was a "predominantly gay gym: My gender had absolutely zero pull"). She may have some more trouble now that her story has hit mainstream media... but no worries, surely having to "lie, finagle, and beg" on a weekly basis is all doubling as training for her career in law.