2006_12_redbrick.jpgWhat happens when young assistant district attorney sees a brick he can't resist? The Post reports that 27 year old Matthew Knouff, a prosecutor in the Brooklyn DA's office, was arrested after throwing a brick through the window of the Water Street Restaurant & Lounge in DUMBO. During the office holiday party, no less.

Knouff got into an argument with someone else at the party (a source tells the Post, "It was an alcohol-fueled dispute with a bar patron") - maybe it was about whether or not bricks can shatter glass? And when the cops arrived, Knouff "accosted" them. Knouff is now suspended and was charged with felony criminal mischief, three counts of misdemeanor assault, and resisting arrest. The Brooklyn DA's office refused to comment.

Knouff got the job at the Brooklyn DA's office after he spent months volunteering there, according to the City Bar Justice Center's newsletter (PDF; Knouff was honored for his work). It also looks like Knouff, who graduated from UNC Chapel Hill Law School, was in a band back in Chapel Hill.