2005_12_kleincourt.jpgTwo weeks after the city council passed a bill providing harsher penalties for fans that enter a field of play and try to harm athletes, Mayor Bloomberg signed the bill into law. The law calls for up to a year in jail and up to $25,000 worth in fines. The Post graciously points out that the old law in place, aka the "Calvin Klein Law", only called for fines for those that stepped onto the field of play. For those with short memories, Klein attempted to talk to Latrell Sprewell in 2003 at a Knicks game as Sprewell was trying to inbound the ball (Klein was physically restrained and checked into Hazelden shortly after).

For those with kids playing Little League or youth soccer, don't worry. You can still storm the field in an attempt to beat up kids on the opposite team. The law only applies to venues with capacities over 5,000 people. And remember, when Newman and Kramer harassed Keith Hernandez after a game, it was Roger MacDowell.