rudybernie.jpgIt's been a tough week for Bernie Kerik. The former NYPD commissioner who had his bid to head up Homeland Security unceremoniously thwarted in 2004 amid allegations of shady dealings is now facing serious federal charges. The Washington Post reports today that federal prosecutors have informed Kerik that he is likely to be charged with multiple felonies, including tax evasion and conspiracy to commit wiretapping. This comes two weeks after Kerik refused a plea deal offered by prosecutors that would have required the former police commissioner to serve some time in prison. The wiretapping charge stems from an incident that would seem to straddle the categories Very Dumb and Plain Crazy, when Kerik and Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro were overheard planning to wiretap Pirro's husband in order to catch him engaging in an extramarital affair. Ironically, this conversation took place over a line that federal law enforcement had legally wiretapped.

As Kerik contemplates the charges about to be put against him, his former boss, partner, and now-Presidential candidate continues to publicly back away from him. This week, Rudy Giuliani testified that while he previously testified he had never been briefed about any Kerik-related malfeasance before appointing him police commissioner, he would not dispute statements made by his former chief investigator that indicated the Mayor was apprised of Kerik's mob ties.