2008_10_lauder.jpgA week after Speaker Christine Quinn said that the Council doesn't typically write in any "Lauder" options into its legislation, critics are saying that Mayor Bloomberg's proposal to extend term limits has done just that. The mayor's proposal introduced Tuesday has been amended to explicitly say that the law will revert back to two terms if voters come out in favor of the current law in a 2010 referendum. Lauder, the most vocal backer of term limits, only wants to see the law changed in order to keep Bloomberg around amidst the current financial crisis. While Speaker Quinn defends the amendment as necessary to assure that "this legislation would be superceded by a revision to the Charter," many see it as another sign of the fellow billionaires being in cahoots to skirt the will of voters. Bloomberg responded to critics of the term limit extension on his radio show yesterday saying, "I find it fascinating, those who are arguing against, argue against it because they will have competition that they don't want."