The Health Department says the two swine flu fatalities reported yesterday were people in their 40s. So far, six of the seven fatal NYC swine flu victims had "underlying conditions" that contributed to his/her death; the seventh death is still being investigated. The NY Times reports that the Health Department revealed "some 80 percent of the more than 300 people hospitalized with swine flu since mid-April have one or more underlying conditions that put them at risk. Asthma, which affects 10 percent of New York City children, is by far the most common underlying condition, affecting some 41 percent of those hospitalized." Risk factors include a compromised immune system, heart disease, pregnancy, diabetes, kidney problems, blood disorders, emphysema, liver problems and obesity. Some parents are upset their children are being turned away from hospitals or doctors' offices without swine flu tests, but NYU Department of Medicine's Martin Besser tells the Daily News, "The [city] Health Department is striking a very reasonable balance. We have to husband resources for people who are the most ill."