2008_11_eve.jpgIt seems like sources close to Governor Paterson are playing a game of "America's Next Top (Junior) Senator" the way they leak a new candidate to the media every couple of days. Today's contestant is the Charlie Rangel-supported Leecia Eve, an attorney who served as a policy adviser and worked on the presidential campaign for Senator Clinton. She also fits two of the demographics Paterson is said to be courting with the pick--an upstater (she's from Buffalo) and a woman (see photo). Now if only Eve found a long-lost Latino ancestor, she'd surely be a shoe-in. Eve was originally going to run for lieutenant governor in 2006 until Eliot Spitzer backed Paterson and prompted her to drop out of the race. Earlier this week, many of the other Top Senator contestants were together with Paterson in a closed-door meeting.