Could Carl Paladino's mysterious televised announcement later today have anything to do with the fact that he just lost his greatest ally? That ally, of course, is Quinnipiac Poll, which two weeks ago placed Paladino a mere six points away from Democrat Andrew Cuomo in the gubernatorial race. But Quinnipiac went turncoat on Paladino today.

The latest poll shows Cuomo with an 18 point lead over Paladino. On the plus side, voters who described themselves as "angry" prefer Paladino; on the down side, Quinnpiac's Maurice Carroll says Paladino's anger is proving too angry for most New Yorkers: "it's been a looney-tunes time for Paladino in the news media," he told LoHud.

Will his broadcast tonight turn out to be a publicity stunt similar to the one staged by Tom Golissano in 2002, which had promised fireworks but ended in a regular old stump speech? Or will Paladino come out half-naked riding a horse? Maybe he'll outline a radical new measure to plant grass and vegetation on vacant lots and sell it for gas.