Clubland may have shed a Visine-assisted tear upon news that the church that once housed the Limelight will soon be turned into a boring store, but at least partygoers are apparently able to turn to some familiar coping mechanisms making their first appearance in years—drugs like quaaludes that the DA's office says are back on the scene. Prosecutors tell the Post that recent busts have turned up "designer drugs rarely seen since the hippie era" that also include ecstasy-like BZP and the short-term trip-inducing DMT. A rep from the DA's office tells the paper, "We're seeing the emergence, particularly, of hallucinatory drugs. It's definitely related to the club scene, and targeted at selling to college students." The drugs have been particularly prominent at Asian night clubs and Flushing karaoke bars. Cops who busted a ring that sold at clubs such as Pacha, Rebel and Suzie Wong's say that the drugs from eras past have found their way into new packages, such as being disguised as Transformer figures and Obama campaign pins.