The NYPD released the latest CompStat numbers (PDF): There were 14 murders between June 28 and July 4, and 237 murders for 2010 through July 4*, which is 12% higher than the same period last year but it's still 2.8% lower than 2008 and it's 25.7% lower than 2001. Rapes were up, as were robberies, felony assault, burglary, and grand larceny auto.

The only category that was down was grand larceny, which helped drive the overall crime rate down, to 1.18% lower than last year during the same period; crime other than grand larceny is up 2.2% (for 2010 through July 4 over the same period in 2009). The NYPD has increased overnight street patrols to combat the spike. The murder rate for 2009, 466, was a record low since the NYPD start keeping records of crime rate in the 1960s.

*This also suggests that the 2010 YTD number through June 27 of 221 from the last report did not count two murders; CompStat numbers are only considered "preliminary."