From the looks of it, that Life After People show might not be so far off. The city has been overrun by bedbugs. We've got stink bugs, coyotes, opossums, raccoons, rats, snakes, gators and lice. And while those beasts have been content to stay out of human affairs (save for the occasional bite), termites are now determined to take out the power in Queens. Nature: nature's most dangerous killer.

The critters chewed through the base of a utility pole in Springfield Gardens, causing it to crash onto a car and take five more poles with it. Power was cut to 60 houses in the neighborhood. Nurse Joycent Moncrieffe was the biggest victim, saying, "I was inside my house, and I heard a crashing sound. All the lights went off in the house. I came out and saw that the pole crashed down on my car." Residents say they've been complaining about the poles for a while, which the FDNY said also had evidence of dry rot. ConEd tried to cover up by saying the poles were taken down by a truck, but all other evidence points to termites. Normally we'd say something like, "What's next, locusts and deaths of firstborn children?," but we don't want to jinx it.