For years now, the NYPD's Mounted Unit has conducted late night weekend shifts around the Lower East Side vomit nexus known as "Hell Square" (check here if you're not familiar with the boundaries). And in their wake, they left a maze of horse poop droppings that challenged the reflexes of even the most sober LES reveler (not that there are too many of those on a Saturday night in that area). But it seems that the party poopers have finally gotten the better of the coppers' ploppers.

Bowery Boogie reports that the 7th Precinct is ending their weekend horse patrols (although they noticed they were still out this past weekend). They note that the change comes less than two months after a Swedish woman sued the NYPD because an equine member of the Mounted Unit bit off part of her fingertip in the area.

So the motivation may have nothing to do with kowtowing to olfactory offenses, and everything to do with keeping drunk people away from bewildered animals (who should only be approached by other animals). Now, the only projectile excreters Hell Square amblers need worry about are human animals, the way it should be.