Speaking of stadium streaking, NYU's commencement ceremony is at Yankee Stadium today, and there's talk that the new ballfield could get its first buff job to match last night's Citi Field christening. You'll recall that last year NYU graduate Will Lopez made news by dashing onto the field (video) in boxers and his gown, rounding third, and getting tackled by security. Lopez tells the News, "I have a bunch of friends that are graduating this year. All of them are like, 'One of us has to carry the torch.' It would be great if somebody tried to make it a tradition. But I'm not sure if any of them have the guts to do it." This from the guy who "streaked" with underwear on because he "thought they might nail me for public indecency." Anyway, his buddies' fifteen minutes of fame is going be tougher to come by this year because security is definitely on the lookout for such shenanigans, and the keynote speaker is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But come on, bros, you aren't seriously going to let the Secret Service stand in the way of tradition?