The MTA token is officially a thing of the past as the Roosevelt Island tram, the last holdout in the transit sytem, has officially moved to Metrocards. While riders are relieved (one tells the Post, "Kick the tokens out, I'm glad they're gone. Those tokens are such a pain. Sometimes they get mixed up in your change, or fall out of your pocket. I've lost so much money in tokens. They should have done this a long time ago.") others feel that buying token gave them a chance to talk to token booths. But one clear positive is that riders will be able to use their Metrocards for a free transfer from tram to subway or bus.

If you happen to have some tokens left, you can go to the subway clerk booth at either end of Roosevelt Island to exchange them until March 15. And the last time we used a token was to take the tram to Roosevelt Island for the Angel Project.