As Thor Equities gets closer to sinking its teeth into developing/redeveloping there, Astroland will open up again for its last season this weekend. Astroland owners sold the property to Thor last fall and Carol Hill Albert said back in November, "It's not something we're happy about; it's sad. It was the only logical alternative to going out of business altogether." Now, Albert tells the NY Sun, "I think [Thor Equities founder] Joe Sitt has been taking all the city's attention and energy."

This comes as the Post has a story about Sitt and concerns over his "track record of flipping land for big bucks," as one person puts it. City officials point to Sitt's claims of turning Albee Square Mall on Fulton Street into a grander destination (the same way he's been talking up his Coney Island plans), which ended up with him selling the mall to another developer. And some Brooklyn residents are worried Sitt will keep Surf Avenue a "ghost town" if he puts plans on hold while waiting to see if luxury housing will be allowed. (Albert told the Sun that "You could make money year-round in the amusement business in Coney Island by building a hotel or hotels instead of condos.")

Last week, Curbed had an update about how Thor surprised the Coney Island Development Corp by buying Astroland and over the weekend Kinetic Carnival reminded us that there's a "No Condos in Coney" Demonstration outside of City Hall this Friday: "This fabulous event will be hosted by some of New York's most colorful burlesque performers and speakers from the community!! In addition saving our beloved Coney Island, it is going to be loads of fun!! Glitter!! Face Paint!! Costumes!! Aquatic Spectacles!! Mermaids and more!!"

Gothamist on last year's opening day - will be going this weekend?

Photograph by lornagrl on Flickr