The Critical Mass "problem" for the Bloomberg administration is getting more and more critical. Each week it seems like the NYPD brass and Bloomie's folks have added more and more headaches for the city's bicyclists. In the middle of an energy crisis no less. For instance, last nights Critical Mass ride led to 27 tickets - better than arrests, right? And this on top of increased anti-cyclist ticketing on the city's bridges not to mention the apalling "clarification" of rules governing group events the NYPD is trying to push through (the hearing on them is August 23rd - at the same time as the city hearing on the Atlantic Yards project).

Our favorite source for CM recaps, Bike Blog, hasn't got one up yet though we expect it to show up soon enough. In the meantime, were you there? Put your stories in the comments!

And speaking of Bike Blog, do you remember back in May when we told you about the female Critical Mass rider who was purposely doored by an NYPD officer which led to a broken collar bone? Yeah, here's more on that, plus photo.

July 28th Critical Mass NYC by seth_holladay via Contribute.