Brooklynites might bitch and moan every time the L and G trains take a nap, but yesterday Astorians were treated to some pretty serious train pain after a broken rail caused a service disruption on the N,Q and R line. Careful, Queens, tweeting angrily about the MTA is the Fourth Horse of the Gentrificapalypse!

The MTA tells us that at around 6:25 p.m., workers had to fix a broken rail north of the Fifth Avenue station, forcing N/Q trains to terminate at Times Square and rerouting the R along the F line into Queens. The trains were all back online at around 8:58 p.m., but that still left Astoria residents stuck during peak evening rush hour, and though shuttles ran to Astoria from Queens Boulevard, lines were reportedly preeeetty long. A sampling of horror, if you will:

Cheer up, Astorians, at least your rent is cheap! Ha, whoops, never mind.