The next time someone tells you replay is a must for baseball, watch the "home run" Billy Butler hit in the third inning Wednesday. Replay doesn't solve everything. The ball hit the padded wall and bounced back onto the field of play, but it was ruled a home run on the field. After a not-so-instant review, that call was upheld, and the Yankees ended up losing by a run, 5-4. Who's to say what would have happened had that not been called a homer? The Yankees have enough to blame on themselves, though. Bartolo Colon didn't have to give up the other two home runs in that inning, and his teammates could have managed more than three runs off Bruce Chen. The Yankees left the bases loaded in the ninth when Jorge Posada struck out looking on his 40th birthday.

The Mets won a series at PETCO Park for the first time with a 7-3 win over the Padres. Dillon Gee reaped the benefits of a three-run David Wright home run to become the first rookie since Ron Darling to win 12 games in a season for the Mets.