Photo of Joba Chamberlain wiping his face prior to being removed from last night's game by AP/Tony Gutierrez

Don’t pay attention to the score of 9-5, the headline says it all, Joba Chamberlain is hurt. How badly he is injured and what the ramifications are, aren’t known at this point, but the Yankees will have to hold their breath. Maybe it was the play in the fifth where Joba had to dive to get out of the way of a throw that caused him to leave the game with “shoulder stiffness”, but if it wasn’t they have to expect him to miss some time.

As for the game, the Yankees definitely were up and down all night. Jason Giambi proved that shaving the mustache was a good idea with a home run and another RBI, but Joba gave up the lead. Xavier Nady continued his honeymoon in pinstripes with the tying home run in the 8th. Unfortunately, his former teammate with the Pirates, Damaso Marte, wasn’t as good and with Mariano Rivera unavailable, he gave up the game-winning grand slam in the ninth.