• Florida 6 Mets 1: The Marlins jumped out in front in the first scoring two runs and they never looked back. Despite that, the Mets headed into the seventh down only 3-1with a chance. You can guess what happened from there as the bullpen couldn’t keep Florida off the board and the Marlins cruised to the win. The Mets’ loss coupled with the Phillies’ and Brewers’ wins put New York in a precarious position. They are two back of the division and one-game back of the wild card. One more Philadelphia win and they lose the division; two more wins by Milwaukee and they head home until next year.
  • Yankees 19 Boston 8:The last meaningful thing the 2008 Yankees did was cost the Red Sox the AL East. That may satisfy some fans, but the reality is this season should have added up to more.
  • Liberty 60 Shock 56: The best basketball team in town took a 1-0 lead in the conference finals with a comeback win.