• Mets 6 Cubs 2: This is why the Mets had to get Johan Santana. After last September’s collapse, the Mets needed an ace they could give the ball to when they absolutely had to win the game. Santana delivered Tuesday with an 125-pitch effort that lasted eight innings. Santana struck out ten and scattered seven hits.

    But, Santana’s heroics almost went for naught as the Mets were kept off the scoreboard through the first four innings. Luckily, they broke through with a hit off a broken bat from Santana and a key triple from Jose Reyes that drove in three runs. The win and the Phillies’ loss puts New York 1-1/2 games back in the division, but the Brewers also won leaving the Mets a game up in the wild card with five games remaining in the season.

  • Yankees 3 Toronto 1: For the first time since the wild card was introduced, the Yankees will not make the playoffs. Boston beat Cleveland on Tuesday, officially eliminating New York. So, what’s left to play for? Not much, unless you care about third place, but the Yankees can use their remaining games to get a look at some of their younger players. First up is Phil Hughes tonight against Toronto and expect to see a lot of Juan Miranda, Brett Gardner and some Humberto Sanchez over the final five games.