• Red Bulls 1, Real Salt Lake 1: Who opens a stadium with three games to go in the season? Who puts the word "Real" before the location to make the team sound more European? Who plays in Sandy, Utah? Who drew the Red Bulls 1-1 on Thursday? The answer to all four of these questions: Real Salt Lake. Playing the first game in Rio Tinto Stadium, the Red Bulls used Dave van den Bergh's goal to earn a draw. They, who also have two games remaining still haven't won since Sept. 13. This draw did snap a three-game losing streak though.

    If they play well over their next two games, the Red Bulls are in good shape to make the postseason. They currently sit in fourth place in the Eastern Conference. The top three teams automatically qualify, and then the two teams with the next highest point totals irrespective of conference also get in. Stay tuned.