Remember all that talk about a “Subway Super Bowl”? Let’s give that a rest for now and focus on some very real problems both of our local teams have. Start with the Giants who were embarrassed on defense in a 48-27 shellacking at the hands of the Saints.

It wasn’t just that the Giants allowed New Orleans to move the ball at will, it was the utter lack of a pass rush. New York never even came close to sacking Drew Brees and he destroyed their secondary with 369 yards and 4 TD’s. C.C. Brown may have had twelve tackles, but that was just because of all the coverages he blew during the game. About the only good thing that happened for the Giants was Domenik Hixon’s kick and punt returns, but that is small solace after this beating.

And remember when Mark Sanchez was the second coming of Joe Montana? All that “poise” must have gone south for warmer weather because Sanchez was awful against a pathetic Bills team. He completed just over a third of his passes while also throwing five interceptions. The Jets got a gift when Buffalo missed a field goal as time expired in the fourth quarter, but they couldn’t capitalize.

New York blew the snap on their own game-winning field goal attempt in overtime and Ryan Lindell sent them home with a 47-yard field goal to give Buffalo a 16-13 win.